Our ECO Program

Get to know our GREEN PILLARS:


Where Sustainability Meets Comfort in JAN HOTELS


Streamlined guest experience: Go digital with online check-in and check-out

Unlock your stay with ease: Mobile e-keys for a seamless experience

Meet our virtual concierge: Chatbot AI for instant assistance on our websites

QR codes, not paper: Discover in-house promotions the eco-friendly way

Sustainability is our priority: Leading the way in waste management and recycling solutions

Serving sustainability: Our trays are crafted from eco-conscious materials

Empowering our team: Educating staff on all things eco-green

Events with a conscience: Our goal is to minimize food and water waste 

Bookings with a purpose: Elavating our B2C sales sustainably

In pursuit of a plastic-free future: Embracing eco-cosmetics for all guests, including our staff in their daily routines, from laundry to personal care

Tagging along for change: Room tags made from eco-friendly materials

Dine responsibly: Join us as we fight against food and water waste