Popular events in Prague and Český Krumlov

From live jazz and theatre to festivals and family entertainment, Prague and Český Krumlov offer wide range of events with something for everyone. With so many great events taking place around each day, you can surely find something to make your visit even more special. Check here the up-to-date local events and hotels happenings.

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Concert Parov Stelar

29. 11. 2019

Tipsport Arena Prague

Global Champions Prague Playoffs

21. - 24. 11. 2019

O2 arena 2019 Prague


9. 11. 2019

O2 arena Prague

Concert Eros Ramazzoti


O2 arena Praha

Signal Festival

Don’t miss the chance to visit a Signal festival which turns historical heart of Prague into a center of new technologies, amazing ideas and unbound creativity. Enjoy various videomapping, site-specific projections, interactive and light installations.

2019 NHL Global Series

4. 10. 2019

O2 arena Prague

Concert Michael Bublé

17. 9. 2019

O2 arena Prague

The Dvořák Prague Festival

8. - 23.9.2019
Enjoy an unforgettable showcase of outstanding performers, conductors and world famous orchestras and chamber ensembles presenting music by Antonín Dvořák and other celebrated composers in Prague.

Concert Ariana Grande

8. 9. 2019

O2 arena Praha 

International Prague Car Festival

31.8. - 1.9.2019
Car exhibition Prague Car Festival held at the exhibition ground PVA Expo Letňany offers a unique opportunity to see over 300 automobiles from various fields of motoring and enjoy a wide range of festivities.

Concert Rammstein

16. - 17. 7. 2019 

SINOBO Stadium Prague 10

Concert Ed Sheeran

7. - 8. 7. 2019

Airport Letňany Prague 9

Prague Ice Cream Festival

Have fun with your family and friends at Prague Ice Cream festival – a celebration of all kinds of ice creams. Taste your favourite ones from local and world producers and enjoy a nice atmosphere with special program.

Czech Beer Festival

16.5. - 15.6.2019
Experience the unique atmosphere at the Letná Park which will host this major beer event, featuring more than 150 different kinds of beer by large, midsize and small Czech breweries accompanied with Traditional Czech meats, charcuterie and freshly baked goods.

Prague Spring International Music Festival

12.5. - 4.6.2019
Accept the invitation to the oldest, most famous and biggest music festival in the Czech Republic. You can enjoy first class performances of 98 orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloist from 23 countries. 50 concerts of classical music in 17 concert halls brings an excellent blend of tradition and experiment.

Prague Volkswagen Marathon Weekend

4. - 5.5.2019

Zakuste atmosféru jednoho z nejkrásnějších maratonů světa. Závod začíná na proslulém Staroměstském náměstí a trať běžce zavede do nejrůznějších pražských čtvrtí a ukáže jim úžasné architektonické krásy Prahy.


18. - 22.4.2019

Come visit Prague to celebrate the most important Christian holiday – Easter. At the main square an Easter market will take place with various stalls offering handicrafts and other products as well as meal delicacies. You can buy Easter eggs embellished with various decorating techniques, spring flowers, whistles and other traditional Easter goods.

Prague Sportisimo Half Marathon

Zúčastněte se výjimečné běžecké události v samém srdci historické metropole, jejíž trať vede podél řeky Vltavy a přes pět krásných mostů. Běžce čekají impozantní výhledy na Karlův most, Pražský hrad, koncertní síň Rudolfinum, Národní divadlo a nespočet dalších památek. 

St. Matthew's Fair

Have fun at traditional St. Matthew’s fair which is held on site of the Prague Exhibitions Ground. You can enjoy dozen of domestic and international attractions including the most famous like roller coaster, ferris wheel, chain carousel or haunted mansion. As a usual souvenir you can take away gingerbread hearts. 

St. Valentine's Day

Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Prague! A unique place full of romantic streets, corners, walks, stunning views and experiences which let you and your love spend an unforgettable time.


2.3. - 5.3.2019
Zažijte obnovenou tradici lidové masopustní slavnosti s jejím typickým pestrobarevným průvodem masek, který doprovází pouliční divadelníci, kejklíři a muzikanti. Nenechte si ujít toto bohaté hodování a veselí, protože masopust značí konec svátečního období a začátek půstu.


18. - 22.4.2019
Come visit Český Krumlov to celebrate the most important Christian holiday – Easter. At the main square an Easter market will take place with various stalls offering handicrafts and other products as well as meal delicacies. You can buy Easter eggs embellished with various decorating techniques, spring flowers, whistles and other traditional Easter goods.

MODA Fashion Day(s)

Accept the invitation to the social event representing the contemporary fashion scene in the Czech Republic. Gala evening of fashion shows together with rich accompanying program will take place in a beautiful Castle Riding Hall.

Rallye Český Krumlov

17.5.2019 - 18.5.2019
All fans of motor events can explore interesting places of the region within the traditional car race – Rallye Český Krumlov. The start of the race as well as the winners' ceremony takes place in the vicinity of the historical centre and brings to contestants and spectators enjoyable experience.

Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations

21.6. - 23.6.2019
Visit the town to experience the spirit of the Renaissance age that is brought back for three days with the historical craft fairs, medieval music, street plays and jousting tournaments. As a highlight of the festival you can admire a spectacular procession in historical costumes, featuring knights on horseback and many notables linked with the history of the town.

Chamber Music Festival

28.6. - 7.7.2019
Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a music festival with the longest tradition in the city. This popular cultural event of international repute invites to excursions of the castle interiors with live music played on contemporary musical instruments. A true pearl for the festival visitors is the genuine 18th century feast titled Baroque Night at Český Krumlov Castle.

International Music Festival Český Krumlov

19.7. - 10.8.2019
All music lovers are welcome at one of the most important cultural events in the Czech Republic. The international music festival brings to visitors a unique experience due to the attractive ambience of the historical city together with music concerts of different genres from the 15th till the 21st century presenting number of famous domestic and international artists.

European Heritage Days

Come to see usually inaccessible places of most interesting historical heritage buildings and town-areas in Český Krumlov within the European Heritage Days – open days of heritage sights for public.

Festival of Baroque Arts

20. - 22.9.2019
Enjoy a remarkable tradition of Festival of Baroque Arts – a unique cultural event with the goal to liven up the historical town of Český Krumlov with a variety of art forms from baroque times. The Baroque Castle Theatre becomes a stage for the presentation of the world premiere of an especially chosen Baroque opera. Sacral music echoes through the monastery church and a baroque dance can be seen in the Masquerade Hall.

Saint Wenceslas Celebrations

27. - 29.9.2019
Don’t miss the traditional celebrations honoring the feast day of St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of Czech lands, brewers and winemakers. This autumn festival offers a wealth of gastronomic experience, entertainment and cultural performances. The pleasant atmosphere is augmented by the show featuring folk ensembles and the unforgettable evening excursion to the town’s museums and galleries with an impressive accompanying programme.

Krumlov Boating Marathon

Sport fans and competitors are welcome at famous river marathon which attracts every year hundreds of keen watermen, ranging from strict amateurs to top-class international athletes. The weekend of river marathon in Český Krumlov offers abundant accompanying programme for the general public as well as for youngest visitors.

Wine Festival Český Krumlov

1. - 30.11.2019
Be our guest at the Český Krumlov Wine Festival – an autumnal Feast of St. Martin’s wines, seasonal specialties and friend encounters over a glass of wine. You can attend several events during the festival including a garden celebration of wine where you can taste Bohemian, Moravian and foreign wines together with local cheese.

Autumnal Recitals in Krumlov

2. - 30.11.2019
Every Saturday in November a series of chamber concerts will be performed by a number of excellent musicians both from Czech Republic and abroad in Renaissance hall located in Vlašský dvůr. Come to enjoy this extraordinary space allowing for a unique atmosphere between the performer and the audience.

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